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STA Company Background

Science and Technology Associates (STA) is a specialized technical services company established in 1982 to provide independent Scientific, Engineering, and Technical Assistance (SETA), and program management support services to a variety of U.S. Government organizations, particularly within the Department of Defense (DoD). The collective expertise of STA's approximately 30-person professional team of employees, consultants and subject matter experts covers a wide range of advanced technologies having applications in information analysis, networking and security, data and signal processing, high performance computing, and embedded processing used in tactical and strategic military systems.

Over the years STA has had the opportunity to support programs sponsored by numerous U.S. Government agencies, including, among others, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), The Missile Defense Agency (MDA), The Army, and The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). Some of the capabilities that STA provides to clients include requirements definitions, modeling and simulations, concept evaluations, technology assessments, risk assessments, test planning and evaluations, and programmatic support activities. STA qualifies as a small business for most of the services we provide. 

STA Mission

The principal thrust of STA program efforts is, and has always been, to conduct technically sound, independent, and objective analyses of advanced military systems concepts, developmental systems, and advanced technology research programs to support U.S. Government program managers and decision-makers.

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