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Information Systems

STA understands that precisely tailored, cohesive information systems are critical to any enterprise, and that these systems impact the entity's operations at all ends of the spectrum -- from strategic decision-making to the individual warfighter's tactical actions. Our team of subject matter experts utilizes extensive experience in many facets of information technologies including system architectures, simulations, modeling, and system security -- to assist Government clients with their information systems requirements.

Whether we are supporting a client with crafting architectures that improve its ability to exploit, fuse, and disseminate information, or assisting a client in developing customizable, mission-focused information products to support a wide variety of user missions and tasks, STA works to understand and provide tailored solutions to our clients' needs. We help our clients develop versatile information architectures designed to support joint intelligence operations, be integrated into stand-alone systems, or be inserted in existing operations/intelligence automated support systems.

The particular Information Systems technologies in which STA's technical staff maintains expertise include:
  • System Architecture

  • Enterprise Computing

  • Cloud Computing

  • Active Directory (LDAP) Engineering

  • Global Information Grid (GIG) Engineering

  • Non-classified IP Router Network (NIPRNet)

  • Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet)

  • Simulations

  • System Modeling

  • Data Modeling

  • Runtime and Compiler Systems

  • System Security

  • Communications and Network Security

  • Information Exploitation, Fusion, and Dissemination

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