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Sensors and Fire Control

STA understands the importance of highly developed sensor systems that are utilized by fire control, command and control, and remote monitoring systems. For years, we have been at the forefront of assisting Government clients incorporate Sensor technologies into advanced Fire Control applications. Our expertise within this field includes employing Infrared, Radar, and LIDAR, and mm-wave Sensor technologies for rapid target acquisition and servicing. We also maintain the capability to develop multi-sensor fusion algorithms that allow for autonomous target acquisition, sorting, and prioritization.

Beyond the scope of Fire Control, STA's expertise in Sensor technologies is applied in the development of remote, unattended ground sensors. These systems utilize acoustic, seismic, and chemical sensor components that enable remote monitoring and surveillance through the transmission of data to remote command and control sites. With proficiencies in sensor hardware, processing hardware and architecture, and processor algorithm models, our understanding of Sensor technologies can be applied in a variety of applications.

The particular Sensor and Fire Control technologies in which STA's maintains expertise include:
  • Advanced Electro-Optical (EO) sensors

  • Advanced Radio Frequency (RF) sensors

  • Passive Infrared (IR) technologies

  • Laser designators/laser semi-active sensors

  • Radar


  • Millimeter (MM) wave sensors

  • Acoustic sensos

  • Seismic sensors

  • Chemical sensors

  • Navigation sensors

  • Processing hardware/architecture

  • Processing software/algorithm models and coding, including multi-sensor fusion algorithms

  • Missile seeker design

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