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Programmatic (Financial) Support Activities

In addition to STA’s uniquely qualified team of technical and engineering experts, STA also maintains a strong team of employees who provide business financial support to both program managers and technical SETAs throughout the full contracting lifecycle. As a result, a program manager can enlist STA to support both the technical support and business financial support to his or her program. This capability better ensures that key program objectives will be achieved in an organized manner and within program budget constraints.

"Programmatic Support" tasks include:
  • Aiding in the development of essential program management documentation

  • Assisting program development and planning

  • Budgetary and financial planning and tracking

  • Assisting in planning, managing, and documenting program reviews

  • On-site evaluation exercises

  • Data collection services

  • Scheduling and management of program meetings or symposiums, including kick-off meetings

  • BAA coordination

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