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Computing Systems

STA has extensive experience refining and developing innovative computing solutions for Government clients. Our technical staff maintains expertise in an array of computing technologies intended to deliver information superiority to the warfighter. These technologies range from high productivity computing systems designed to perform many times faster on key benchmarks than today's most powerful supercomputer to polymorphous computing architectures that can be reorganized at the micro-architectural component level and dynamically optimized per application, mission, and scenario.

We combine our understanding of network communications, computing hardware, and computing software to develop integrated, comprehensive computing systems tailored to meet specific needs. These needs include applications related to, among other areas: signal processing; extending battery life; unmanned systems; weaponry (warheads and penetrators); target recognition; survivability/stealth design; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); virtual manufacturing/failure analyses of aircraft, ships, and structures; biotechnology; synthetic aperture radar; signal and image processing; information security; and mission planning.

The particular Computing technologies in which STA's technical staff maintains expertise include:
  • High-productivity computing systems

  • Clockless integrated circuit design

  • ExaScale computing systems

  • Polymorphous computing architecture

  • Analog logic circuitry

  • 3-Dimensional integrated circuit technologies

  • Cognitive computing infrastructures and architectures

  • Biometric technologies

  • Graphics processing units (GPUs) for computer generated forces

  • Power aware technologies and implementations

  • Ultra low power devices and circuit design methods that enable systems to operate at extremely low energy consumption levels

  • Adaptive computing systems employing configurable processing hardware elements capable of supporting system-level adaptation

  • Revolutionary memory architectures for "data-starved" applications

  • Mission-specific processing technologies that enable custom integrated circuits

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