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Weapons and Defense Systems

STA appreciates that our military needs the best weapons systems possible, and that these systems are vital to the protection of our soldiers and civilians. Since our inception, STA has been at the forefront of helping our Government clients invent, design, develop, and refine advanced weapons systems. Our technical staff has expertise in, among other systems, various types of missile systems and interceptors (including shoulder-launched, container-based, and mobile missile systems), ballistic missile defense systems (including LEAP / Navy Theaterwide and Ground-Based Interceptor ("GBI") System), mid-range munitions, and kinetic energy ("KE") projectiles.

The various Weapons Systems in which STA maintains expertise include:
  • Man-portable, shoulder-launched, autonomous-homing, anti-armor missile systems (i.e. Javelin, "Tank Breaker")

    • Focal plane array development​

    • trackers

    • missile propulsion

    • missile flight dynamics

  • Ballistic missile defense systems

    • Interceptor seekers​

    • Lightweight, high-thrust propulsion systems

    • Atmospheric interceptor technologies

    • Aero-optics

    • Hypersonic aerodynamics

    • Guidance and control algorithms

    • Advanced communications techniques

    • Radiation-hardened materials

    • Systems integration

    • Multiple kill vehicle systems

    • Atmospheric interceptor technologies

  • Kinetic energy projectiles

    • Gun-launched segmented penetrators​

    • System components

    • Projectile/vehicle integration

  • Variable thrust rocket motor technologies

    • Thrust level control​

    • Thrust vector control

    • Fuel volume efficiency

    • Fast-boost rockets

    • Gun-launched, boosted projectiles

  • Gun-launched, Mid-Range Munitions (MRM) systems

    • Dual-mode, imaging infrared and laser semi-active seeker technologies

    • Projectile maneuverability and control 

    • Rocket-motor booster design

    • Structural survivability

    • Lethality

  • Remotely-launched, containerized missile systems (i.e. NetFires, NLOS-LS)

    • Precision Attack Missile (PAM)​

    • Loitering Attack Missile (LAM)

    • Surface-to-surface ground attack

    • Air defense

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