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Cyber, Identity, and Information Assurance

STA understands that securing our nation's information technology assets is an extraordinary and continuous challenge, and we work diligently toward achieving this moving target. Our Government clients rely on the digital world for an array of critical tasks -- whether exploiting, fusing, and disseminating intelligence data; designing, building, and maintaining weapons platforms; planning and executing operations; coordinating business goods and services; or performing any number of other necessary functions -- these clients need to be able to trust that their movements and information in cyberspace are secure.

As digital information's role has increased in Government operations, STA's focus on securing this information has similarly expanded. Our technical experts have substantial experience identifying information security vulnerabilities and crafting solutions to these deficiencies. We also appreciate that secure systems must still provide their users with readily available information, and assist our Government clients strike appropriate balances between competing factors -- so that information flows to all corners of the enterprise, but flows only when, where, and to whom it is intended.

The many facets of Information Assurance and Cyber Security in which STA's staff maintains expertise include:
  • Secure System Architecture

  • Risk Assessments

  • Risk Management Strategies

  • Vulnerability Discovery and Analyses

  • Vulnerability Confinement

  • Secure Cloud Computing

  • Secure Information Sharing

  • Middleware Integration and Security

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Prevention and Forensics

  • Malware Analytics

  • Authentication Tools and Techniques

  • Identity Management and Access Control

  • Software Coding Protection

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