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Scoring Examples

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Of-A-Kind (OAK)

Below is a 4-OAK in Ones. The order the ones appear does not affect the scoring. Remember in Doker all Of-A-Kinds are valuable, even Ones. For example, a 5-OAK in Ones will score about twice as much as a 3-OAK in Sixes.

4 OAK Ones.png

OAKer/Joker Round

The OAKer and Joker rounds allows you to score a particular or related hand a second time. For example, if you already scored a flush and you roll another one, you can score it in the Joker row if it is still available. The size of the score and bonuses increase when scoring repeat hands in the OAKer or Joker rounds. You can also use these rounds to bounce back from an earlier zero. If you took a zero in your Full House then roll another one, you can score the Full House in the joker row if it is still available. The OAKer round only applies to the 1-6 Of-A-Kind section. The Joker round applies to the Poker hand section. Joker allows scoring a true straight flush as a "second" score as long as you already scored a straight, flush, or a straight flush. When a round is scored that qualified for a second OAKer or Joker score, you will see the image of an acorn for OAKer or a joker hat for Joker to the left of the score sheet on that row. Below are screen shots of an OAKer in 6s and a Joker with a straight flush.

OAKer Sixes.png
Straight Flush Joker.png

Straight Flush

Below is an example of a mixed mini straight flush.  It is mixed because it uses both red and black dice.  It is a mini because it only has four dice in numerical sequence.  If the first die were a 2 instead of a 4, it would be a full straight, but it would still be a mixed mini straight flush because non-suit colored dice do not count toward flushes or straight flushes.

Mixed Mini Straight Flush.png
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