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Draw Yatzy

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A fast-paced minigame

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Draw Yatzy is a fast-paced, fun game that is similar to Yatzy Poker. Unlike Yatzy Poker, gameplay focuses on a getting the highest winning hand each round. There are many different types of bonuses to give the game some balance. For example, scoring three or more of the same dice number gives an OAK (Of A Kind) bonus. Poker hands have similar bonuses for higher hands.  

There are five rounds of play each game. You get a maximum of three rolls per round. A score must be entered after the third roll, but you can choose to enter a score after any roll if you like your hand. There are no suits in this game only suit colors. A flush can only be scored with all red or all black colored dice. You cannot score a flush with all white dice. There are four-dice mini versions of  flushes, straights, and straight flushes. They may not give bonuses, but they are better than a zero. Scoring values may be different than expected in some cases because of the change in difficulty due to having only six numbers versus 13 cards to choose from. The same goes for having three colors instead of four suits. For example, full houses are fairly common in Draw Yatzy but not in standard Poker. Therefore, they have about the same value as a straight or flush (depending on bonuses)  in Draw Yatzy. In Poker, a full house always beats a straight or flush. Use caution when switching between Yatzy Poker and Draw Yatzy games. The scoring is necessarily different between the two games because Draw Yatzy adds points to OAKer hands due to the lack of an OAKer bonus round.

How To Play

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