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How To Play

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Playing a game of Yatzy Poker

There are fourteen rounds of play each Yatzy Poker game.  You get a maximum of three rolls per round.  A score must be entered after the third roll, but you can choose to enter a score after any roll if you like your hand.  If after the third roll, the roll does not qualify for a scoring category, you must enter a score of zero in one of the available categories.  

Playing a Round of Yatzy Poker

All five dice are rolled at the beginning of a round.  You can choose to “hold” dice for subsequent rolls.  For example, if you get three 5s on the first roll, you may want to hold the 5s and try to get a fourth or fifth 5 by rolling the other two dice again.  You can unhold held dice if you want to change your strategy in the middle of a round.  You can tap on a die to hold or unhold it.  See the example below.



The minigames play similarly to Yatzy Poker.  They use a different scoring system.  After playing a few games of Yatzy Poker, you will be very comfortable jumping in and playing the minigames.


There are a number of different options that you can manage from a single Options screen.  Some options are only for the Draw Yatzy minigame.  These are clearly marked.

Yatzy Poker is easy to learn, but a little tricky to master.

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