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How To Play

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Game Concepts

The idea of the game is to complete a set of mathematical steps that produce a given answer.  We think of the given answer as a destination.  The other numbers and operators are part of the steps you take in a path to arrive mathematically at the destination.

Number Pool

The Number Pool is a list of numbers in numerical order that must all be used to complete the path.  The order they appear in the pool is not necessarily the order they will be used in the Equation Path.  In between the numbers is the list of possible operators that are used for each step.  You can click on a number to enter it into the first available slot in the Equation Path.  You can click the operators to cycle through the list for the operator in the Equation Path or click the one directly above it in the Number Pool.

Equation Path

The Equation Path is where you enter the numbers and operators from the Number Pool to complete the path.  Clicking on a number in the Equation Path will return that number to the Number Pool.  You can then click on a different number, if one is available, to change the path you are taking.  You can click on the operators to cycle through the possible operators for the level you are playing.  The possible operators are listed in the Number Pool.

Order of Operation

The order of operation in Math Path Finder is always left to right.  No operator takes precedence over another.  Think of each operation as steps in a path.  It is up to the player to calculate and remember the answers from each step to create a solution that equals the destination answer given.


Clicking the Backtrack button will reset the screen to the way it was at the beginning of the journey.  It is available on all levels, but it is especially helpful on the upper levels when you want to try a completely different path from the one you were on.  You will still get credit for completing a path if you backtrack to start over.


Showing the map will provide you with one possible solution to completing the path.  You can still enter the information in the path equation to complete the path, but it will not count as a completed path on the Achievements screen.


Waypoints are the answers calculated for each step of a path.  You will still get credit for completing a path if you use waypoints to help you.  However, the only way to earn the Free Climber badge is to complete the path without using waypoints.  Waypoints are only available on the most difficult levels.

Difficulty Levels

There are 8 levels of difficulty.  They are divided into 4 screens.  The level of difficulty of the screen from easiest to hardest is Home Roaming, Nature Walking, Wilderness Hiking, and Mountaineering.  

Math Path Finder is easy to learn, but can be difficult on upper levels.

Don't worry, there is a level that will be fun for any skill level.

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