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General Policy

We do not collect your private information directly.  We do not sell your private information to third parties. 

Stored Data

We do not store private information about you.  Preferences, high score names, and other user information is stored locally on your device.  Uninstalling our application may not remove all of this information from your device.  


By installing and using this app, you give your permission for the app to vibrate the device when certain situations occur.


The Premium version of our apps do not use advertisements.  Free versions or our applications my contain ads.  This will be listed on the Google Play description of the application.  We notify the ad supplier of what type of application we show their ads in.  We are not responsible for the ad contents.


You are restricted from doing the following with our applications.  Using for any illegal purpose, providing to anyone under the age of 13, hacking, copying, disabling, modifying, or reselling the app software.  This app is for entertainment only.  It should not be used for gambling or considered practice or training for other forms of gambling.

Your privacy is important to us!

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