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Anchor Achievements

The game within the games

Anchor Scoring

There are 24 achievements available in the games. Some are easy, some are difficult, and all are fun if you like that sort of thing. Many of the achievements are designed to help you understand some of the game's concepts.  Hopefully, you will have fun earning achievements and gain a better understanding of the game.

Achievements are grouped by the different game versions.  The title color and date plaques are different for some of the achievements based on which version of the game the achievement is associated with.  There is some overlap.  Some achievements can be earned in more than one version of the game.  To get a hint about how to earn an achievement, tap anywhere in that achievement's rectangle.  When you earn an achievement, the closed padlock image will be replaced with an image related to the achievement and the plaque at the bottom will display the date you earned the achievement.  

As you earn achievements, you will move up in rank.  You start out with a humble plaque and title.  Can you achieve the highest Yatzy Poker rank?

Earning Achievements

Yatzy Poker Rank

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